2019 online dating trends

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If you’re hoping to meet single women online, it’s important to know what the latest dating trends and crazes are. Each year, it seems a whole host of new trends emerge, so it’s vital that you gain a deep understanding of these to avoid missing out on love. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most talked-about dating trends right now if you need to find a woman online.

Trends to look out for when you meet sexy women

Pocketing is an online dating trend were someone that you’re dating hides you away from their friends and family. If you find yourself dating a person who wants to meet up in private all the time, you are being ‘pocketed’. The reasons for being pocketed can vary – some people may not want their love lives to be hot topics of conversation, whilst others may feel embarrassed for a range of reasons.

Cookie jarring and prowling

Cookie jarring is keeping someone in reserve whist you’re dating someone else. Few people know they are being cookie-jarred. People who engage in cookie-jarring like to keep their options open in case the relationship they are currently in doesn’t work out. Prowling is a term used to describe the behaviour of someone that seems to be interested in you but then disappears, only re-appearing when you have given up on them. Prowlers don’t tend to be looked upon fondly, and their behaviour is often deemed to be cruel and manipulative.

Orbiters and kittenfishers

Orbiters are people that keep communicating with you even though you have split up. They might frequently comment on your social media posts and may reward them with an abundance of likes. Even though you don’t see them in a face-to-face setting, they remain a presence in your digital world. Kittenfishers are people who lie about things like their weight, age, jobs and income online. They might upload pictures of themselves that were taken a decade ago and pass them off as recent images and they may withhold the truth about themselves until it is no longer realistically possible to do so. They might knock as much as a decade off their real age and pretend they have a much more impressive job than they have in reality.

Have you been ghosted by women seeking men?

Ghosting is one of the most infamous online dating trends. The term first emerged in 2014. Ghosters stop responding to any of your messages and may no longer acknowledge your existence. Ghosting commonly happens when someone has decided to end a relationship or friendship but does not feel comfortable with explicitly announcing it. Ghosts tend to expect the other person to eventually ‘get the message’ after a long period of silence. From time to time ghosters may suddenly reappear and start communicating with you as if nothing happened. This behavior is known as ‘zombie-ing’. Slow fading is the act of slowly winding down communication with another person and can come in the form of half-hearted correspondence including brief replies and canceled dates.

These are some of the trends that you will see in online dating this year. Make sure to keep an eye on them and be ready. To know even more online dating trends follow this link and read a great article by KnowTechie

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